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Course 1

Learning the basics

Investing in stocks just means buying tiny shares of ownership in a public company. Those small shares are known as the company’s stock, and by investing in it, you’re hoping the company grows and performs well over time. If that happens, your shares may become more valuable, and other investors may be willing to buy them from you for more than you paid for them. That means you could earn a profit if you decide to sell them.

Course 2

Deciding how you want to invest

There are several ways to approach stock investing. Choose the option below that best represents how you want to invest, and how hands-on you'd like to be in picking and choosing the stocks you invest in.

Course 3

Focus on investing

Stock market investments have proven to be one of the best ways to grow long-term wealth. Over several decades, the average stock market return is about 10% per year. However, remember that’s just an average across the entire market — some years will be up, some down and individual stocks themselves will vary in their returns. But for long-term investors, the stock market is a good investment no matter what’s happening day-to-day or year-to-year; it’s that long-term average they’re looking for

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